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FlexFilm Graded Card Protection Film (BGS)

FlexFilm Graded Card Protection Film (BGS)

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FlexFilm from GradedGuard protects your graded collectibles from scratches, wear, and UV*! Enjoy added protection and an unobstructed view of your collectible while adding no bulk. Simply apply the film directly to your graded card's surface and you're good to go- you might even forget it's there! 
What's included:
  • (3) BGS FlexFilms
  • (3) Cleaning kits
  • (1) Applicator squeegee 

Fits standard and thick BGS holder.

*FlexFilm is UV-resistant. We do not recommend exposing your collectibles for a long period of time to direct sunlight or harmful UV rays, even with protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other companies this cases are compatible with?

Yes! Specifically for our PSA Standard Case, to name a few: AGS (United States), PGS (Germany), TGA (United States), MGC (United Kingdom), and more!

Which way is the case meant to be put on?

The case was designed to act like a phone case. The front remains open and unobscured while raised ridges on the front and back protect your surfaces from scratching and impact.

How do I remove my GradedGuard cases?

Please carefully pop out the top two corners, one at a time, and then peel the case off your card. Tada!